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Displaying current, but not YTD for /BT1 on Remuneration Statement

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I'm trying to display wage type /BT1 on our Remuneration Statement - it is a Employer paid benefit. I modified evaluation class 02 specification to a value of 07 so that it appears.

In testing this change, I see that the current amount is showing, but I do not see a YTD amount displayed.

How do I fix this?

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1. Your wagetype should have Processing class 30 set as 2 or T to store YTD in CRT.

2. Check your CRT, the wagetype should be present

3. Goto PE51 and Check whether in your rem statement under Employer Contribution Window you have 2 lines -- one from CRT and one from RT. It shhould something like below:

1 RT **07 ER Benefits/Contributions 01 A

1 CRT **07 ER Benefits/Contributions 01 B

and double click on the Clumulation Type "CTy" B (cumulation ids can be any depends on what is configured)

In that Cumulation type it will display a line click the "BETRG" field. Check the data is read from XRT and make sure there is no rules. If there is an rule...analyze it.

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This has been resolved, thank you all very much.