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Display Only Field in Customer Master

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A couple of fields in the sales view of the customer master are non editable in my system. I needed to make this editable and performed the following activities:

1) I have gone to SPRO and made the changes against the account group and changed the field status group to "Opt. Entry".

2) I have also changed the transaction dependent layouts and have done the same here also. (For Customer Create and Change)

Is there any other activities that one needs to do as the fields still remain non editable and grayed out.

Thanks in Advance

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Answers (4)

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HI Intrigue ,

Due to the below reason in customer master sales view fieds are not editable.

1. Create Customer Master (Sales)

2. Change Customer Master (Sales)

3. DisplayCustomer Master (Sales)

the above screen layout keep the required field optional all three places then you can able to editable the informtion .

path:IMG-Financial Accounting NEW -Accounts receivable and accounts payable -Customer accounts -Master Data -Define Screen layout per activity ( customer)

I hope this will help you to resolve the issue.



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Hi, you can see the field only while crating a new customer.

because if the field is not mandatory and you have no value mantained (which was possible) then you will not see this field.

If you have the need to mantain this field after have done your setting then use the transaction vd01 or xd01 and create the the customer with the same number again and you will get the view.

hope it helps

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In OVT0 , check the settings made in OBD2 & make the desired fields as Required.Only then it will allow to do the changes.

Best Regards,


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Point1.You have activated the required fields in OBD2.

Point2. You said you have activated the same fields in the layout also. Can you check whether you have done the changes for Customer Centrally or for Customer sales? SInce if you have done the changes for Centrally then you can see the changes reflecting in XD02 and if the changes are done for Customer Sales you can see the changes in VD02.

Please also check whether you have created any Transaction variant for XD02.

Please check and confirm.


Vamsi Javaji.