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Dispatch has been posted for goods issue but is showing as not dispatched!

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Day 1: Order was made with 8 items.

Day 2: Delivery was carried out for those 8 items and their batch details were added. Goods were posted for issue.


1: VL04 Billing due list is not showing the delivery as eligible for billing.

2: VL01 Invoice creation is being made with the reference to the Delivery number but an error is coming which says that the goods have not been posted for delivery.

3: VL02N change delivery document it shows that at the item level all items have been fully delivered but at the header level totalgoodsmovementstatus shows partial delivered. The post goods button is still highlighted and when we press it, it says that the goods have been posted for delivery. Document flow on delivery says that the order and delivery are being processed but goods issue for delivery (Movement type 601) is complete.

4: VL09 If i try to reverse the delivery its not letting me do it as it says that no such document is present.

5: VL06O For Post Goods Issue says that the document has not been posted for goods issue and has to be delivered.

6: MB51material document list for that delivery with movement type 601 is present, which means that the goods have been delivered.

I have not seen an issue like this ever. I want to create the invoice or if its posible to reverse the delivery so i can create a new delivery. Please help me on this issue.


Shahzad Khero

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shahzad,

It seems to be an error in your system. If it has not been modified I suggest you should search for OSS notes (like 137011, 441708 - these are for R/3 4.6 & 4.7).

If you fail to find any note you should contact SAP AG in my opinion.



Edited by: Csaba Szommer on Jan 26, 2009 10:47 PM

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