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Dismentalling of finished product.

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There is one scenarion at my client site which is as follows:

1. Suppose there is only one production order of say qty:200nos with one prod. order say: 1000265.

Now,I confirm the production qty say: 20nos. against that above order.And the product goes for sale after making the invoice.

Now, Suppose in transit 2 nos.becomes damage out of 20 nos. but I know there are some child parts which i can use after dismentling that 2 nos. Physically I can dismentel the product but how can i map this in SAP. Should I cancel the production confirmation after reversing all the documents but if I do so then whole 20 nos. will be cancelled coz I had confirmed 20 nos. at that time but only 2 nos. has been damged.

Plz help me out of this scenario.Client wants to dismentel the whole product so that he could use rest of the child parts.

Thanks & waiting for prompt reply.

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Answers (2)

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From the same prd order you could do a 262 movement only for parts that you want to salvage and put those back into stock. Reduce the original qty to 18 pcs from the orignal shop order.

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Abhishek Pandey,

Reversing all documents will be a cumbersome process and is not practical.

The easier way would be create a Dismantling production order. Enter the component as the header material and in the prod order component overview enter the material to be dismantled. If you have any other components which you would from dismantling then enter even them but with a negative qty.

You would isse the Main material. Do GR for main compoenet using 101 mvt. Do GR for other components using 531 mvt.

There is no other solution possible.