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Discrepecy in MRP area in Subcontracting process

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Dear Experts,

Could you please explain the difference in the MRP area for a Subcon PR? The issue is that the main material, for which the Sub PR is generated, is maintained with the MRP area GTM1-GB. Its component, which we provide to the vendor, is maintained with the same MRP area, GTM-GB. However, when we run MRP live, the main material planning data can be seen in the MRP area GTM1-GB, but for the component material, the planning data is only visible in GTM1, which is the plant. I have checked the master data of both materials, and both seem to have the MRP area assigned. I do not understand why, for the component material, the PR and Subreq can be seen in GTM1 instead of GTM1-GB.

The MRP area is 02 sloc and we are not using MRP area for subcontracting.

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Hello @pradeepkumar21 

You mentioned MRP Live, that means you are already on S/4HANA. As per note 2227532 - SAP S/4HANA Simplification Item: Logistics_PP-MRP - Subcontracting plans subcontracting processes using MRP areas. Therefore when you create a subcontracting PO and Subreq is created, the requirement is visible in the subcontracting MRP area, not on plant MRP area.

Even before in ECC, subreq were never visible in storage location MRP areas. Subcon PO consumes components from special stock, stock provided to vendor/subcontractor. That special stock is not managed on storage location level. It is the stock already provided to the vendor, so it is outside of your premises. 

Subsequent PR that plans a component provision to the vendor is also visible in subcontracting MRP area, not on storage location level - at least on the receiving side. 

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski