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Discrepecy in MRP area in Subcontracting process

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Dear Experts,

Could you please explain the difference in the MRP area for a Subcon PR? The issue is that the main material, for which the Sub PR is generated, is maintained with the MRP area GTM1-GB. Its component, which we provide to the vendor, is maintained with the same MRP area, GTM-GB. However, when we run MRP live, the main material planning data can be seen in the MRP area GTM1-GB, but for the component material, the planning data is only visible in GTM1, which is the plant. I have checked the master data of both materials, and both seem to have the MRP area assigned. I do not understand why, for the component material, the PR and Subreq can be seen in GTM1 instead of GTM1-GB.

The MRP area is 02 sloc and we are not using MRP area for subcontracting.

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Share MRP Area configuration for better understanding your issue.

  • Main Material (for which the Subcontracting PR is generated): You mentioned that it is assigned to MRP area GTM1-GB.
  • Component Material: It should ideally be assigned to the same MRP area GTM1-GB to ensure consistency in planning and procurement processes.


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MRP Area Config.png                                  Hi Raheel, I have attached the MRP area config and i confirm that both Main and component materials have the same MRP area GTM1-GB assigned.