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I had a specific requirement here. we had an additional partner Franchisee in addition to these partner functions(SP,SH,BP ,PY). Whenever the customers order is invoiced, some discount(3%) should be given to this Franchisee as a comission for him towards this order. How to confiigure this?



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well a simple sol for this wld be ....

just if you have example 10 customers and u have only for 4 customers - frachise as a extra partner function ok

now for these 4 partner functins just maintain a customer group ok....just who ever has a frachise partner function maintain a indicator in customer group and maitain a discount of 3% in con rec for a new discount cond typ acording to your reqt..

ok and in pricing procedure maintain a reqt 24 so that this con type wl b only present in invoice ok ......

but this sol has a disadvantage like if while creating the order if user deletes the partner function franchise then still ur con will be ther ... ok so watch out

anyways if this helps u reward points in left column of this ans.


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Hi Kedar,

See if this works,

1. Define a condition type which is specific to Franchisee.

2. Then give a new alt cal type in the pricing procedure that if the KNVP table is having this partner type FR. Then the discount should be activated on the base price or what ever, let this be a statistical value in the pricing procedure.

if you need to know the value after a period of time then give in a acrrual key to this.

3. While Doing a billing document copy all the pricing conditions to the billing from the order with out change.

4. Create two billing documents one F2 and the other could be a credit memo. use the user exit in billing to do this. so that the invoice will go to the customer PY and the CR will go to the FR.

Reward if this process helps.

Thanks & Regards