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Disable Delete Button for infotype 2001 subtype 0025

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I want to Disable Delete Button for infotype 2001 subtype 0025 only in PA30/61.

Is there any EXIT available

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Answers (2)

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Dear Manoj,

I had read that forwad before i submit my question. Infact i am already using those exits for setting default as well as putting xtra checks.

But not able to use them for setting DEL button disables for subtype 0025.

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Dear All,

Can some one suggest if there is any standard solution for below scenario :

We have Leave process which is via ESS and which udates IT 2001 in R/3 .

Now when employee is applying for a leave the Basis team has given auth write for IT 2001 in the backend role to the employee. if they dont provide this then system throws a error that change auth is not available to the employee.

And the same user when opens his SAP system using R/3 userid and password he is able to change his IT 2001 record for himself whcih is wrong there should not be any provision to change /delete by that ser if needed due to any reason the HR administratorcan change it but employee should not be able to .

Kindly suggest.

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This can be handled using authorizations.

Remove change and delete authorizations for infotype 2001 and subtype '0025'.

The authorization object is P_ORIGIN object.

I think we can not disable delete/change button in PA30/61 based upon infotype.

However,  we can control it using user exit, as mentioned by Manoj Shakya.

What user exit can do is when the user selects the delete button, we can write code in user exit in such a way,  particular operation is not allowed based on infotype, subtype & operations

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ZXPADU01 - PBO can be used for setting default values.

ZXPADU02  - PAI can be used for controlling operations (change, copy, delete) based on infotype, subtype and even based on record values.

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Try it .

Somebody already given this type of answers.

Pls first use Search then post.

Well FYI,

<b>There is a standard User Exit for PA30 / 40 for PBO and PAI events.

ZXPADU01 for PBO and

ZXPADU02 for PAI events.

By writing proper code in here for the IT2001, you can write your rules.

PBAS0001 ( PA: Pers.Admin./Recruitment: Default values and checks ),</b>

Manoj Shakya.