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Direct Transfer - BAdI for Selection : how to debug ?

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Dear All,

Scenario : Data Migration : SAP ERP 6.0 --> S/4HANA
Approach : Direct Transfer

I have implemented the concept "BAdI for Selection", to apply more complex filtering.

In Migration Cockpit, I run the step "Select Data". It ends with an error. The returned messages do not contain any error message. (the migration object in LTMOM is closed, so there is no locking issue)

How can I debug my BAdI implementation ?
Is there a way to run the logic of the BAdI implementation in debug mode, to see what the root cause is of the error during the "Get Data" step ?

Many thanks


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Selection of data is from 'Source side', which are in ECC side - you should check in source system with external debugging.

To find which method are starting - you can start with tx. LTMOM, using Simulation(as far as i know of it's looks like test button of SE80, ABAP Workbench), and check on 'Debugging on select data' checkbox - and start from there.

There is a some place which are using RFC to get data from source system - you can external debug on SOURCE SYSTEM - so you can bebug.

Beware, If you enable parallel processing in project - you might want to reduce to 1, so It won't pull multiple screen when you're debugging.