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Direct post from AuC to Fixed Asset

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Dear Experts,

I have list of maintenance order (WO) that settlement rule are mapped by maintenance act type.

Maintenance activity type Overhaul, we defaulted settlement rule to FXA (as an AuC object as receiver).

At the end of Overhaul project (can be months period), all the cost in that AuC will be settled to the fixed asset (as depreciation rule activated, within that time).

So the cost flows will like this:

Maintenance Work Orders --> periodically (monthly) to AuC --> End of maintenance project (overhaul) to Fixed Asset (as depreciation rule active).

Can anybody help me, how could we send all cost in AuC DIRECTLY to the Fxed Asset (after that Overhaul project closed/completed)?

if using CJ88 the senders are not project/WBS (as PS does)..

if using KO88 the senders are list of hundreds or maybe thousand of maintenance WOs (as overhaul maintenance are big project of maintenance)....

any advice will appreciated

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can use the transaction KO8G to settle multi order insametime.

Create the variant & maintain the multiple order on the variant, the execute the settlement with processing type 8- Full settlement

Then settle all maintenance order to Fixed asset.

Kindly let me know for further details.



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Hi, thanks for the response,

using KO8G (group settlement) yes, we can use for settle multiple Work Order, but the other thing is we must still maintain all the work orders settlement rule from the AuC (as periodic settlement rule/receivers in WOs) to the Final settlement receiver (end of maintenance project period / project has been done) as Final Fixed Asset. CMIIW

I'm Just explored bout the TCODE AIAB or AIBU.. if anybody could help me bout the functionality of that tcodes might helpful, or further more those tcodes the ones i'm seeking for solve my problem??


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Dear Suranto,

In the variant of KO8G, select Settlement Type as "Automatic".

So if the Order Has TECO, it will transfer from AuC to Fixed Asset else it will transfer from Order to AuC.


MLN Prasad

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