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DIR not visible from attached sap object and validation check problem

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Hi Experts,

I have created new sap object link for table BUT000 and transaction code is BP.


1) when I am creating DIR through CV01N, I am able to view Object link column with one filed called PARTNER.

If I enter wrong or Invalid partner here, system is not performing any validation, it accepts it and if I save DIR it gets saved with invalid business partner.

2) secondly lets say i have entered valid business partner and saved the DIR, then in transaction code BP, I am not able to view any DIR for that business partner.

Need your valuable Input on this.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sunil,

This is maintained in the program which is written while adding the object into dms object link. Kindly check with abap'r and tell him to give the proper logic for the object. so It should not accept invalid partners.

Also while using screen exit for the specific object screen, give the same logic so it will be displayed properly with BUSINESS PARTNER.

I hope this will resolve the query.



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Hi Ravindra,

While adding the screen I had copy pasted logic from screen 1204 as per guidelines to add the screen.

One more thing added in guide line was, 'Please do not make any changes in it'.

I think this is the system check which is already there when we copy paste logic from 1204 but due to some reason it has got problem.

For the 2nd screen also I have given the same logic which is in 1204 screen of CV130.

But here the problem is when I double click on any Module or any perform it asks me to create.

That means this module and performs does not exist in function group CV140, they all exist in function group CV130.

I try creating the same modules in CV140 also but there are many variables, internal tables which does not exist in CV140.

Any help on this will be appreciated.

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Hi Guys,

My Validation problem has been resolved.

Now only problem I am facing is Object link.

I have created object link BUT000 in DMS.

I can attach Business partners from CV01N or CV02N

but for this BP's attached DIR's are not visible from sap object tcode BP.

Badly Need Help from all of you.

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Hi Pradeep,

Thanks for your Reply...

But link is not related to my problem.

My Problem is related to display in attached DIR's to SAP object from SAP object tcode.

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