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diffierence between f110,fbra and f-44

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Dear friends,

1.After posting vendor invoice with FB60, I can see open items to the vendor on current GL should be credit tradepayable and debit expense..then I made a automatic payment run (f110). after completion of payment run( with payment method of check), fbl1n shows my open item GL should be debit my tradepayable and credit my cash.. is this should be the end of the flow or I need to do some further steps in SAP once supplier clear the check.

2. I like to to understand process of clear vendor (f-44)..let say..I posted invoice with FB60..should I expect to see open line items in F-44? then what cause the line items in F-44? 

3. I posted invoice 123 with fb60..cleared it with clearing document say456..for somehow I need to reverse the clearing doc. 456..I was told to do so..I need to reset the cleared items (FBRA) of 456..the reset generates 789..after reset..I was told to use F-44 to reverse 456 ..but there is no items in F-44 even though there is open item in fbl1n.why?

thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Linda,

Here comes the reason or solution.

Q1 : General step is FB60 and F110, that is all necessary AP scenario. Corresponding Accounting entry should be something like this.

FB60                     F110

Debit: Expense      Debit: AP

  Credit: AP              Credit: Bank or Cash

That equals to following one accounting entry overall

Debit: Expense

  Credit: Bank or Cash

Q2:  If you post an invoice in FB60, you should find the corresponding item in F-44. Following situation applies in case you could find the item.

1) The item is included in APP or other cross block scenario

2) The item is involved in head and branch relationship.

Q3: This is the same situation as explain in Q2 scenario 1.

For the checking steps, please check following two notes.

152813 Items not displayed for 'Process open items'

136754 F-03, F-32, F-44, F-28 missing open items

In case all the checkpoints are completed without an explanation, please try to run report TFC_COMPARE_VZ to see whether data inconsistency happens.

Hope it clarfiy your concerns.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Linda,

  For Point 3.

You have posted invoice 123 with FB60..cleared it with clearing document say456..for somehow You need to reverse the clearing doc. 456.

in this case you have to go first FBRA and do it Re-set & Reverse, then you will get a document number. Now you can go and view in FBL1N there, you can find the open items now. Still if you want to reverse the FB60 document reverse, go to FB08 and reverse it.

Thanks & Regards:


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Hi Linda,

Here is my opinion about you questions:

1) If you don't manage Check in system, it's enough for your AP flow.

But, if you manage Check in SAP system, the transactions from F110 will be:

Dr Vendor account

Cr Check

Eventhough Vendor item is cleared, but the Check is still open item.

And when your supplier clear Check, you have to enter it in system and the Check item is cleared.

This is the end of AP flow if you manage Check in system.

2) Transaction code F-44 is used to clear Vendor manually by listing all open item of Vendor with debit and credit amount, even Special GL. It differs from posting with a clearing transaction or posting with a payment in the following ways:

- You do not need to enter a document header

- You can only clear open items from one account.

It means you absolutely can see the open item in F-44 after posting invoice through FB60/

The scenario of F-44: There are some postings on Vendor account (e.g. Invoice, credit memo and transfer posting...) that are not cleared. You want to clear the postings.

3) In your case, it's not correct.

You said that you used FBRA to reset cleared doc 456. It cannot generateds new doc 789.

If you reset and reverse through FBRA, one new doc is created.

The new doc 789 will clear doc 456, and there is only one open doc 123.

You can not use F-44 to reverse 456 again.

Please check again your case.


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Hi Julie,

You were right on 3).I reset and reversed cleared doc 456 ,  result in new doc generation say 789 and also  made inv 123 reopen again shown in fbl1n. Now I should expect to see my open item in F-44 and should be able to manully clear it with the same t code. however, I don't see it in F-44 at all. Kindly advise if I missed something or overlooked anything.



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Hi Linda,

Please check the below threads:

and the SAP note also:

Note 136754 - F-03, F-32, F-44, F-28 missing open items

P/s: If you want to clear manually vendor via F-44, you have to have debit amount and credit amount.

You cannot add more line item here.


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Hi Linda,

Q 1.

if you booked Invoice of Rs. 100 through FB60 noramlly you pay invoice through f-53 Document         that clear year your open item for Example  FB60 Account entry should be

        Exps A/c Dr                               100

        To Vendor Account                     100

F-53 Tcode Account Entry will generate as 

        Vendor A/c Dr                             100

          to Bank Payable A/c                   100

now check your vendor detail through FBL1N then there should not be any open items  Similarly when you  run F110 Proposal it will clear all open items and post payment entry and generate document no  against Invoice document No. as mentioned above in Tcode  f-53  further

this payment entry will go to bank for processing the vendor payment through transfer or check method.

Q 2  F-44 Process :

for Example if you booked any invoice of Rs. 1000 and you make part payment say  Rs.500 and

Rs. 500 this will generate three separate document number which all the document display in open item in vendor balance FBL1N but when you check the vendor balance that will display you as zero value but still open item are available through F-44 you can clear that open item from the vendor.

Q.3 FBRA Process:

if you process a payment against wrong invoice which you recognized that you had post wrong payment to reverse that payment Entry you can use as FBRA in which you have option to reset the Entry / reset with reverse option are available hope this will resolve your query.

Trinath Gujari