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Different Variance Calculations

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Hi Experts,

I have done all required configuration for the variance calculations and i am getting the variance amount in total for a particular production order but I am not able to see the different types of Variances individually.

That is, what is the Input price Variance, Resourse usage variance, Input qty variance, Remaining input varianceand output price variance.

Plz let me know if there is any standard T-Codes to see the above variances individually.

Also advice me if you have any idea to share relating to this.



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Answers (2)

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If you are running variances collectively you have a choice of layouts for the report to print in:

1SAP01 Cumulated according to material

1SAP02 Drilldown list according to cost object

1SAP_S00 Standard Version

1SAP_S01 Target/Actual/Scrap/WIP/Variances

1SAP_S02 Target/Actual/Variances

1SAP_S03 Target/Actual/Variances (%)

1SAP_S04 Variance Categories

1SAP_S04 Variance Categories should give you what you are looking for.

If you are running variances individually, you should be able to select this while viewing the results of the transaction.

Also SAP provide good variance reporting for production order under follow menu path:

Controlling> product cost controlling > cost object controlling > product cost by order >information system > reports for product cost by order > summarization analysis > with product drill down > variance anaylsis.

Data collection: Accounting > Controlling > Product Cost Controlling > Cost Object Controlling > Product Cost by Order > Information System > Tools > Data Collection

Summarization requires a hierarchy specified and a job to be run, which collects data for use in the report.

Same path but Tools > Summarized Analysis: Preparation

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Hi Bijay

Please create variance varaint and check all the categories

U can do this in the following path

product cost controlling > cost object controlling > product cost by order > period end closing > variance calculation > check variance variants

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Hi Bijay

Please check only the relevant variance catg

Pls note - scrap, lot size and mixed cost variances are checked only depending on the scenarios you have

Just thought of adding above