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Different value in EIN, EKG and BSX G/L accounts in FS10N

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Hello community

Normally, in time of goods receipt if purchase management is active we have this situation:

For example:
If the PO is raised for material with 200 $ then at the Goods receipt,the accounting postings are:

Inventory Account (BSX)- 200$ (Debit)
GR/IR clearing Account (WRX)- 200$ (Credit)
Purchase Account (EIN)- 200$ (Debit)
Purchase offsetting Account (EKG)- 200$ (Credit)

I was expecting to go to FS10N and see same amount since the exact amount posted at goods receipt is posted to BSX, WRX, EIN & EKG accounts.

I checked the G/L account in transaction FS00 the post automatically only is active which means that the difference is not coming from direct posting to one of these G/L accounts.

May you please assist me on finding the root cause of the amount difference between these four G/L accounts.

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