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Different pricing required for two different plants

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Dear All,

The requirement is:

There is one plant at central location and we do stock transfer to different plants at different locations.

Now a customer can place order at any plant(including central plant). The order can be delivered from either central plant or any other plants.

*But the pricing conditions will be different in case it sells from central plant and from other plants.*

*How to cater this?*

*Do we have to create seperate order types or if no*

*How to determine two types of pricing in single sales order but different plants.*


Gaurav Jain

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If only the price for the material is different in different plant, then there is no need of two pricing procedure. You can create access sequence with plant combination.

If you want two Pricing procedure for the plants, then it requires two sale document types and you can assign different pricing procedure.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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There cannot be two different pricing procedures in one sale order as pricing procedure is at header level. As suggested by others you have to use access sequence with plant as one of the fields and trigger conditon records based on plant.

I think maintaining two order types or two distribution channels etc to tirgger different pricing procedure will not solve your problem as the plant is entered at item level.



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Dear Gaurav Jain

You can achieve this with the existing order type and pricing procedure.

Go to V/07, select your pricing condition type and click on "Accesses". There maintain either of the following tables:-

- 055 (Sales Org./Order/Plant/Material)

- 406 (Plant/material)

Now go to VK11, input the pricing condition type and maintain your pricing for any of the above combination. If we take an example of above Table 406, your pricing will be

:::::::for plant 1000 / Material ABC ; INR 500.00

:::::::for plant 2000 / Material ABC ; INR 600.00

With the above setting, your pricing will be determined in sale order.


G. Lakshmipathi

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Hi there,

Define your central plant in a different distribution channel. So when you maintain pricing procedure determination, since the sales area will be different you will have different pricing proceedures. But for this sales order from the central plant should be raised in a different sales area (which is not as per what you told).

If you dont want such case & your central & all other plants are in the same distribution channel, then as per your requirement, define the condition types that are required for the central plant. Maintain them in the same pricing procedure. But in the requirement routine of the concition types, specify a criteria that they should apply only if the plant is central plant.

But why do you want different pricing procedures for different plant in same sales area?