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Different inbound delivery types from PO conf control keys

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I want to create a different inbound delivery type for a certain plant so that I can switch off putaway confirmation (all other plant still require putaway confirmation). Has anyone else managed to have done this?


The process we are using is an SAP 3rd party sales order with a vendor shipping notification. We have modified this by including an inbound delivery and shipment on the PO so that a 3rd party freight forwarder can be instructed to pick up and deliver the goods (and paid for via the use of a shipment cost document)

On the status "shipment completion", I have attached an activity profile that will automatically post goods receipt the IB delivery, but need something that prior to this step will either:

1. Have the delivery items as not putaway relevant or

2. auto putaway the delivery lines using WM or

3. auto putaway the delivery lines via use exit

<u>Problem with solution 1</u>

Looking at the confirmation control key table V_T163D only has the internal confirmation category as a key to determine the relevant delivry type. It needs both the internal & external fields as keys to allow the determination of a different inbound delivery type in this circumstance.

<u>What I have Found</u>

I can easily create a new confirmation control key, and link this to the required plant / storage location combination in the purchasing configuration.

For the confirmation control the configuration in the IMG is here: Materials Management->Purchasing->Confirmations

1. I created a new (ZM) external confirmation category

2. The problem comes when I try and create an internal & external confirmation category to delivery type link. The key on the table is the internal category (only three entries) rather than the combination of internal and external

If I can solve step 2, step 3 is easy

3. Create a new confirmation control key and sequence using the external ZM category

<u>Problem with solution 2</u>

I have tried adding a warehouse into the equation so that we can auto putaway. Here I am stuck with no storage location in the PO (Item cat S in PO sets this) so no warehouse is being determined in the delivery. Also as it is a third party PO there is no inventory being posted so I think this is a blind alley.


Am I left with option 3 or has someone else come up with a clever work around?

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SAP notes 214604 & 201655 give a solution to this problem.