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Different Email template based on payment

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I'm trying to use two different email templates in SAP S/4 HANA cloud with Convergent Invoicing for communication with the customer.

First one, if the customer buy a subscription and pay for the first month.

Second one, if the customer buy a subscription without paying and we are going to deduct the amount later.

Any ideas on how/ where to get this done?


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi s-shallah

First question, to confirm, how are you planning to distinguish between the two different type of recipients? Once this is known, we can design a solution

Are you planning to differentiate based on Billing Type?

Assuming yes, you would define the alternate email template in Maintain Email Templates - there are over 10,000 fields to choose from for the data source so should have all the data you need.

Once you have the template defined, the Output Parameter Determination app, Billing Document, Email settings will allow you to define the email template that is used. (see Best practice 1LQ for details).

here you would presumably add a filter based on the billing type


I hope this helps 

thank you