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Differences between eCommerce and Web Channel

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Hi. I'm really new to SAP. I'm looking at leveraging some of the built-in e-commerce functionality of SAP. I've read a few articles on the SAP help site but I can't distinguish the differences between the following 2 solution options:

1) ERP eCommerce

2) CRM Web Channel

From what I've read, both of the above technologies do relatively the same thing. Can someone let me know if this is true, or if not, where I can find details on when to use one versus the other?


- Dylan

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please let me try to clarify this.

Both of the solutions are actually based on the same Java web applications. This means both applications share the same core functionality. The main difference between ERP eCommerce and CRM Web Channel is the backend system used for the web shop.

The reason why SAP offers two different backends for the web shop is pretty simple. Each backend is suitable for different requirements. While running the web shop with a CRM backend, some additional features related to the marketing functionality of SAP CRM are available. These addtional features include cross- and upselling, campaign management and advanced catalog management. For customers that don't need these marketing features or don't want to invest in a SAP CRM system, there is the ERP eCommerce solution. While the shop system is the same, some of the additional features offered in the CRM version are missing.

I hope that solves the problem for now. If you have more questions on the difference between the two solutions please let me know.

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As far as I know, the CRM is a Customer Relations Management package for managing customer data online (activities, contacts, etc.), and the eCommerce is for setting up an online store (items, orders, etc.).

Can somebody back me up on this?