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difference of mrp md50 & md02 whle doing mrp and production orders

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Dear Gurus,

Please tell me the difference of mrp md50 and md02 also the production order difference from md04 and co01



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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MD50 T-Code used to run MRP against sales order & line item. MD02 is used to run MRP for MTS scenario, multiple item & multiple levels.

MD04 is the stock requirement list. CO01 is the T-code to create the production order manually.


V. Suresh

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Murlidhar,

MD50 -

> Is run for Sales Order, and MD02 - It is used for Planing for Single Item multi level.

Actully both are single item multi level planning but in MD50 run for particular for sales order and MD02 is run for all (PIR, Sales Order etc).

MD04 - Which is Stock Requirement List where u get planned order after running MRP and which is converted into production order from there itself so u can see that converted production order in MD04. And through CO01 u can Create Production Order Manually, that manual created production order also u can see in MD04.

I hope u clear now.



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Hi Murlidahr,

MD50 - Is Planing run for Sales Order.It can run MRP upto the last Level of BOM or in SAP terminology it is SINGLE ITEM MULTI LEVEL. Planing MD02 is also Single Item Multi level but there is one big difference and that is MD50 is concider those materials also which have MRP type M0, while MD02 is not useful in case of MRP type M0.

MD02 - Single Item Multi Level.It is used for Planing for Single Item.But it will explode the all levels of BOM and generates the Planing Proposals for all level of BOM components.

MD04 - Stock Requirement List.

CO01 - Create Production Order Manually.You will find Orders (upto Teco) in MD04 also.



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MD50 is use to take MRP RUN for make to order scenario i.e. Against perticuler sales order

MD02 IS use to take MRP RUN for make to stock Prodn i.e. for perticuler material of PIR(Planned independent Requirement)

CO01 is Manual creation of production order

MD04 Is a stock requirement list. That can be change every time after taking MRP RUN. Here u can also convert PLAnned order in to prodn order for finished product and planeed order in to purchase REQ for procurement material.

I think it will helps u. If any query revert back