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difference inpection type 03 and 04 in QM

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What is the differnce between inspection type 03 and 04 in QM. FROM SYSTEM POINT OF VIEW AND BUSINESS POINT OF VIEW




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Accepted Solutions (1)

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The inspection type defines how an inspection is performed.

03 : In-process insp. for production order:

This inspection type is used to check Inspection characteristics during the process of operation.

Inspection lot origin is 03. Task list type is 2 or N. i.e. you need to assign inspection characteristics at operation level with Control key PI02 / PP04 (Indicator Insp. char. required must be selected) in the routing / recipe. When you release the order, system generates inspection lot. You can do RR with operation yield and UD without stock posting.

04 : Goods receipt inspection from production:

This inspection type is used to check some Inspection characteristics after production and GR of the Material. Inspection lot origin is 04. Task list type is Q. i.e. you need to assign inspection characteristics at operation level with Control key QM01 in the Inspection plan. When you do the GR for material with respect to Production order, system generates inspection lot. You can do RR with and UD with stock posting.

Revert back for further clarifications if needed


Venkat .V

Answers (6)

Answers (6)

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Dear Avinash,

03 inspection type is in process inspection, which gets triggered with the control key u use it for an operation in the routing. all MIC's are maintained to an operation in the routing and sampling procedure is attached hereonly. For inprocess inspection lot get created when u release the order, MIC's get copied from the routing, this u can see in assignment tab. This inspection is not having stock posting option. if this inspection lot is exists u can not GR for the order unless u put UD.This is used during production. the lot get created with 3 series in Qa32

04 inspection type is GR to process/production order. this gets trigerred after MB31 and lot genarated by coping the inspection plan which is being created in QP01 for the material and plant combination.

in this u got the stock posting option from here u can do posting to blocked/scrap/unrestricted use.This is used after the production. the lot get created with 4 series


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03-type inspection is for inprocess inspection for production orders ,

As in material has to under go different operations at different workcenters .,

duriing every operation based on criticality we check the results with the desirable limits or not , so that required action can be taken to arrest the deviation and to ensure process capability(investigating the cause like m/c,material,men/ ,tool,power, technique etc)

by selecting certain sample size , based on qty and time using stastical quality control techniques.

so this is mainly use full in taking corrective and preventive action during production process.

04- inspection is goods reciet inspection from production,

this is done after production and before sending packiing and there by warehouse.

this is use full in finding damages after production,

and also by taking certain quality devitation- based functionaliy, apearance, criticality etc,

stock can be granded as per client requirement.

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Hi Avinash,

Inspection type 03 is used for in process inspection and 04 is used for Good receipt from production to storage Location. For Inspection type 03 You have to maintain routing for finished product. Attach MIC for this finished Product. Lot will genearated after every operation confirmation if u have maintained mic's to the operation.

Inspection Type 04 is used for the good receipt from production for this u have to maintain inspection plan to finished product. I think this will help you revert back if u r satisfied with ans.



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03 inspection type is for inprocess inspection.

means during production process we can check the process and enter defects.It is not stock relavent.

04 inspection type is inspection goods after GR .

we will inspect goods after GR from production.

This is stock relavent .we can post the stock in to unrestricted ,scrap,blocked as per situation of the Inspection.

I hope u r clear.



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Dear Avinash,

Inspection lot origin Inspection types Description

03 03 In-process inspection for a production order

04 04 Goods receipt inspection from production

For 03 - With this lot origin, you must specify an order type when you create a production or process order. You can assign an inspection type to this order type in Customizing.

When the system creates an inspection lot automatically, it selects this inspection type if it is active in the inspection settings of the material master. If not, the system searches for an inspection type in the following sequence:


1. Preferred inspection type in material master

2. If the indicator for the preferred inspection type is not set, it uses the default inspection type



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Inspection type 03 : When you want to do inspection between the process then we will use it.

Inspection type 04 : After GR for production order if we want to inspect the material and give clearance to warehouse we can use it.

Kindly revert back if any queries