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Difference betwwen Common DC/Division & Reference DC/Div.

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Hi ,

Please explainn the basic difference with example and where to use which :--

01. Common DC/ Div Vs Reference DC/Div.

02. Scheduling agreements Vs Order Schedule line ( As we can create schedule lines in order too so why we need Scheduling agreement ?)


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Answers (3)

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Hello Rajesh,

Hope you are doing good.

1. Common Div/DC & Reference Div/DC are basically same. While creating Common Div/DC you give reference of another Divison / Distribution Channel. (The main use of this is to refer Pricing Condition, Customer Master Data, etc)

2. Scheduling Ag / Schedule LInes: Assume that you are Cement supplier & your Customer is a Builder & he would require 100 Bags of Cement on 15th of every month. In this case you will enter a Schedulling Agreement in system which will mention exact delivery dates as required by client.

Incase of Schedule LInes in Order, they are automatically determined by the system based on the availability of stock & planned receipts & planned issues & other factors.

Hope this throws some light on your query,


Jignesh Mehta

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Common Dist/chl/div & Refernce division are same as below:

If the conditions / customer and material master data remains similar

.then instead of creating multiple records which are identical ....we

use a common distribution channel.

This helps in time / cost saving and also reduces the master data



Schedule lines cat in sales order will determine by Item cat + MRP type, and schedule lines on availbility check,

Schedule line agreements means its contracts for materisl for some price with specific date range, with refernce to agreemenst you can create orders.