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Difference between Trail Balance and FBL3n

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Hi Alll,

Is there any solution when FBL3N is not tallying with Trail Balance. After raising the billing some times the user want to reverse the transactions and later they will do corrections again rasing the billing.

I found the difference between becaz of cancelation billing.

Can u give some idea i will go through ur advices.

Thanx in advance,



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Answers (4)

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In case of ECC 6.0, Documents are splitted on Profit center level on GL entry level. on this basis FBL3n is a report based on Entry View. There will be several cases that trial , balance sheet will not tally with FBL3n.

You should use FAGLL03 with will give you Gl line items on GL level with profit center and this will tally all you financial reports.

Hope this will be benefecial for you.

Assign point if found useful.


Ashok kumar

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Upon executing fbl3n, make sure you have chosen "All items" in the Line item selection screen.

Trial Balance displays net balances of all GL codes, while FBL3N, displays the same but on a per document/line item basis. In short FBL3N is a drilled-down Trial balance.

The bottom figure of both the trial balance and the fbl3n should be equal.

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There is no way that the FBL3N and TB not matching.

What are the T codes that you are comparing? FBL3N VS F.01? If that was the case check your financial staement version for clubbing of Gl account. I.e. Sales is GL and Returns is another and these two assigned to a single node.

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If you are using ECC.6, document splitting, there will be a problem with reversal document type AB.

Check whether document splitting and reversal of billing documents are happining in all respects.

This may cause difference, if so assign points.

Sarma BH