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Difference between shipment and (outbound) delivery?

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Can someone please list the difference between a shipment document (VT01N) and an outbound delivery (VL01N)?

What features is there in the shipment that you dont have in the outbound delivery?

What is the business reason for utilizing shipment documents and not only the delivery document in SAP?`



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Any sales order item (in its item category details VOV7 marked for delivery derevance) has to under go VL01 trannsaction

VL01N is required to be created to start the outbound shipping process for any sale order.

Whether to create VT01N is required to be created or not depends on whether Transportation module is configured and being used. In scenarios where there is large amount of transportation costs involved and there is a need to track the costs at various legs of transport and integrate the service PO creation on the vendor from transportation documents, the transportation module is used. Otherwise it is not required.

If transportation module is not used then a delivery is created, picked and posted for goods issue before billing is completed. If transportation module is being used then shipment document and shipment cost document needs to be completed additionally in the shipping process. VL01N transaction used to create the outbound deliveries in the SAP system.

Sales Order >Delivery (VL01N) -

>(Pick, pack, PGI)>Invoice.

VT01N transaction used to create the shipment document. If the company involved in the Transportation process this transaction will be used.

If there is no transportation process this transaction will not be used.

Sales order--->Delivery(VL01N)>Shipment document (VT01N)>Delivery PGI(VL02N)>Invoice

Shipment document will contain the deliveries which need to be deliver to the customer.

The shipment document will created for the deliveries before PGI.

The basic thing is if transportation module is implemented then VT01 shipment is must

If transportation module is not implemented then VL01 is sufficient

VT01 will have service costs ,automatic generation service PO to a vendor (if a particular vendor is providing transportation facilitites) like that etc and a separate pricing procedure too at delivery level

These things you will not find normally in VL01



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