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Difference between SFIN and Fiori for SFIN

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Dear experts,

When I filtered Fiori apps for Simple Finance Add-on, I got 141 apps.

Just wondering the difference between Simple Finance and Fiori for Simple Finance.

As far as I know, both of their front-end technology is SAPUI5(Fiori style), so may I know any difference between them?Business logic or anything else?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Chloe Yan

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Hi Chloe,

I agree with Santosh Varanish. Fiori on S/4 is HANA just for design. I already see S/4 HANA without Fiori and works fine. The Fiori was developed to increase the UX (user experience) and to get more mobility fot them.

Thank you.


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May I know what's the frondend access way of S/4 HANA without Fiori?

Traditional GUI or Webdynpro or something else?

Cause I suppose S/4 HANA only use Fiori as the frontend technology....

Thanks a lot,