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Difference between PO based IV and GR based IV?

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Can someone please explain the difference betwene the PO based IV and GR based IV?

Why one is better then other?

Can we have both ways in one system?



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Purchase Order Based Invoice Verification :

In purchase order based invoice verification system generates one invoice item in the item list for each P.O.Item. The system proposes the quantity to settle as a difference between total delivered quantity and the total invoice quanitity. It makes no difference if we post the MIRO using delivery note, the sytem determines the relevant p.o.items with their total quantities to settle in. The systme doenot only propose the quanitty mentioned in delivery note.

If you post severaL G.R. and invoices for a purchase order the p.o.history does not tell you which invoice came from which vendor.

Gr Based Invoice Verification :

To use Gr Base invoice verification

In Purchase order, the indicator for GR based invoice, Gr Based IV must be set for the relevant item on the invoice tab page. If the indicator is set in vendor master record the system copies it in purchase order automatically.

Until you post at least one Gr , you cannot enter invoice in the system.

In gr based invoice verification separate quantities received against delivery note are proposed during invoice entry..

The ggod reciept are matched in p.o.history


Tushar Patankar