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Difference between Planned cost..........

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Hi PP Experts,

Can anybody please tell me what is difference between Planned cost & Actual cost.Where I can see this both cost.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The actual cost is the Cost of the material after the Production

Plan cost is the cost of material before the production.

Plan Cost = Planned Quantity X Planned Price

Actual Cost = Actual Quantity X Actual Price

Report :S_ALR_87013139 or go to CO02--Production order header menu go to CostAnalysis.

When order is created system posts planned costs to the order according to standard cost estimate of product, which uses the planned cost variant.

When the production is carried out Actual costs are posted to the order using Costing variant for actual. when order is completed system uses this two values to calculate the variance of production order. which can be settled to FI.

Hope clear to you.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Planned Cost is the cost which is calculated when you create the production order i.e. when you click on Calculator icon in production order.

Whereas Actual Cost is updated two ways : Actual Material cost is updated when you do Goods Issue against the Production order and Actual Activity cost is updated when you carry out Confirmation.You need to calculate Overheads in Tcode : KKS2. These all costs cumulatively will constitute your Actual cost.

You can view all costing details in :

CO03--> Go To ( Menu)--> Costs -




Cost Comp Structure


You can have the required details of costs by choosing any of the above options.

Hope this clarifies your doubt.

For more details go through sap help.



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Dear Raja,

Planned Costs: The costs anticipated for a particular undertaking (such as an order).Which's the value

that's been taken at the time of Order creation.

Actual Costs: The costs actually incurred.The actual value or price of the material at that particular day

when confirmation is made(when it's getting consumed).

You can see the Cost analysis in CO03--> enter -> Goto> Cost-> Analysis.