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Difference between GR & Subsequent Adjustment

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We have done GR (100) against IBDN (qty 100).

Return to vendor 80 - (122 Mvt) and 20 - 321 (Mvt) was done by mistake (at the time of giving QM UD)

20 qty has already been consumed and now the user wants to have only40 Ret to vendor and 40 additional qty unrestricted.

Since 20 unrestricted stock has already been consumed and their is no stock in unrestricted it is not getting possible to reverse the initial 122 and 321 Mvt.

One way solve this is to do is do good receipt again or perform subsequent adjustment.

Consultants are suggesting us to go with subsequent adjust.

Please suggest what is the difference between Subsequent Adjustment and MIGO GR


Amlan C

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The Subsequent Adjustment is used in connection to Subcontracting Purchase orders: MIGO offers the same functionality as the old transaction MB04:

If, after you have posted the goods receipt for the finished material with the corresponding consumption of the subcontracting components, the vendor tells you that he has consumed more quantity (or less quantity) than initially planned, you can adjust the consumption of the components and increase it or decrease it as needed.

MIGO GR is receiving the material with reference to Purchase oreder and without reference purchase order.It is external procurement.

Are you following subcontracting scenario in this case? If not please reverse or cancel the 20quantity which has already consumed (for statastical purpose). Then return the desired quantity to the vendor with 122 movement. I hope it will resolve your issue. Thanking you.