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difference between data logic operation and business operation

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hiii, DI core, main component of DI API, performs all <b>data logic operaton</b> where as OBServer.dll perform <b>bussiness logic operation</b> at database level...

what is the difference between these operations????

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Nirdesh,

The DI API offers a number of objects/methods that allow you to access the information stored in the database (tables) by using objects.

The DI API is represented by the SboBobCOM.dll, in your code you only add a reference to this COM dll. This dll offerst the objects/methods you can access.

The SbobobCOM.dll is using the OBServer.dll, this dll contains all the business logic rules (like for example: you cannot delete a BusinessPartern if it has already some documents created) that will control all actions you are trying to do with the DI API methods/objects.

You have a schema representing both dlls in the DI API help file -> Introduction -> DI API components section.



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