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Difference between AR01 & AR02

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Hi to All,

Well I would like to know the difference between asset reports AR01 & AR 02.

Is it that the former one dosen't shows the details of Deactivated assets & the latter one shows all the assets.

Pls confirm it to me .


Saurabh Bagri

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Answers (2)

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Hi Saurabh,

AR01-The report displays the values of all assets in a depreciation area. The

following values are displayed in detail per asset:

o The cumulative acquisition value at the beginning of the fiscal year

o Accumulated depreciation, including the planned depreciation for the

current fiscal year (the sum of all depreciation types)

o The planned book value at the end of the reporting year

Additioinal standard versions of the report allow for primary selection

and creation of totals according to various criteria (asset class,

business area, cost center, and so on).


AR02- This report is for setting up an asset history sheet according to

country-specific legal requirements and for creating other reports

(which can be freely defined in Asset Customizing) regarding asset

transactions. The most important parameter when starting the report is

the asset history sheet version. The asset history sheet version

determines the form and content of the report.

The asset history sheet is the most important and most comprehensive

report for the year-end closing or for an interim financial statement.

As with all other lists, it can be set up with any sort versions, and

total on any group level. You can also create a compact totals list

without individual asset information.

When you call the asset history sheet, the system checks whether the

definition of the history sheet version is complete. The history shee

version is complete when all value categories (asset balances, value

adjustments, depreciation, and so on) have been assigned to a cell in

the history sheet version. If the history sheet version you are using

not complete, you should check the Customizing definition of the hist

sheet version and of the transaction types that belong to it.

The system determines whether the history sheet version is complete

based on Customizing definitions (especially the defined transaction

types). Therefore it is possible that even standard history sheet

versions supplied by SAP can be incomplete by this definition.

You can freely define line and column structure in the asset history

sheet (for more information, see the Implementation Guide). SAP delive

country-specific versions of the asset history sheet, which satisfy th

legal requirements of the given country (for example, the 4th EC

directive). Additional history sheet versions are also available (for

example, for displaying the development of reserves for special


Hope i had been able to help you. please assign points.



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Well Manish thnx for ur reply. But my problem is that the two report are showing difference for a particular month. when I analyzed the difference I found that it was because of one asset which had been de-activated. My question is - does AR01 shows only the active assets & Ar02 shows all the assets ( including the de-activated ones).

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Yes Saurabh

Ur understanding is correct. pls assign points and close the thread.

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AR01- Asset Balances

AR02-Asset History Sheet

Enter your basic data / and keep choosing a combination of selection parameters and compare.

You would notice the variety of output. History sheet gives extensive simulated output.


*assign points if useful

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well Suresh thanx for ur reply.but here I would like to know the difference between the two reports.