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Diff stock GL account for raw material

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We have raw material under 2 different location, one is under raw material warehouse, another one is under staging area which belongs to production. From time to time, we will issue stock from RM warehouse to staging area.

The stock GL account (either debit or credit) for the raw material is RM Stock (140001) when we do any movement.

But we do not want like this. We want that when there is any movement from raw material warehouse location, it will charge to GL account 140001 (RM Stock). And when the movement is from starging area location, it will charge to another GL account (140002 - production stock).

We want to seperate out the GL account for the raw material if they are under different storage location.

Can this be done?

Kindly please advise. Thank you.

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U can try to post to different G/L Accounts by maintaining two different materials with two different valuation classes.When u want to transfer the material from Ware house to Production do a 309 movement, automatically all the inventory value in the Warehouse raw material will move to Prodcution raw material.

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Hi Sim

Valuation of Stock is done at Plant level and not Storage Location Level. Within a Plant, you can differentiate the G/L accounts based on the Valuation Class assigned in the Accounting view in Material Master.

The above settings enable automatic account determination at the time of GR. If you want different G/L accounts for different areas, there are 2 options:

1. Configure and Activate Split Valuation. This will enable you to give different Valuation Classes for different Storage Locations in Matl Master.

2. The better option is to make the 2 locations as 2 different plants and extend the materials to both these plants.

However, pls mention your purpose of differentiating the G/L accounts. If it is only to view the stocks in the 2 areas, there are many reports like MB52, etc.

Hope this clarifies.


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Hi Prabhakar,

The purpose that we need to maintain different GL account for this 2 storage location is because, whatever stock that have been issued out from the raw material warehouse, will no longer belongs to the warehouse, but is belongs to production and consider as production stock. Thats why we want to differentiating the GL account. Both of our storage location is still under 1 plant.

You mentioned of configure and activate split valuation. Can you please guide me how to do so?

Kindly please advise. Thank you.

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Hello Sim,

If you wanted to use your current active material (with stock) for split valuation, you need to do some data transfer. In the following link it explains how to do that.

Here is the link which will give you fair idea about the split valuation.

Hope this helps.


Arif Mansuri

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