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diff. bet Repetative & Descrete mfg.

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whats the diff. bet Repetative & Descrete mfg.

can i get some detailed ldifference

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please search in the forum..many threads with good explantiion available.

These are three ways of production in a industries can happen.

PP-discreet – required where there will be discrete orders passing through a work center, here the capacity planning plays major role. i.e. if you have a lath machine, many orders are going through this lathe m/c and schedule plays very important role w.r.t lath as well as the product as the product has to go through many work centre. Every time the product many not be same…can be different, but same work center can be used for many products.

In PPPI- We are mainly concerned with quality parameters and Process management i.e control recipe is configured in this module. But the difference is the o/p is almost same…you will not change the product, but every step is very impartment to achieve the product quality. And it is entered by operator and approved by shift supervisor through control recipe function.

REM- mainly to reduce the data input by person working in SAP and in this case we are bother about period end costing not the each order level costing as the process is repetitive and one order is sufficient for the wile life.

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Discreate manufacturing based on the producton orders and products change frequently from order to order. Orders manufacturing will be carried out on the different work centers (discreate). Confirmation abd Costs will be settled to order wise. Confirmation with order numbers.

Repetative manufacturing is period based planning and not based on orders. Normally same products will be manufactured over longer period of time..products will not change frequently. Confirmation is from backflushing and settlement is through from product cost collector for the period. Confirmaton will be without ref to planned orders. Planned orders are sufficient to carry out shop floor activity. In master data production versions and cost collector is must where this is not mandatory in discreate.

if you give me brief i can help you out more.

Thank you .



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This topic was discussed several times... please make a search of this forum.