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DI: companylist & restore backup

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I have restored a database backup from another server. I can find and select the restored company when I login however the DI cannot find the new restored company using the "GetCompanyList" method.

anyone has experience with this? why GetCompanyList does not list the restored company?



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Answers (2)

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Hi, I have had the same problem, i have resolved the problem with enterprise manager :

1) Open Enterprise Manager and open the DB that you don't see in Choose from list

2) select user menu

3) select the obscommon user and delete it

4) right click in the user windows .. new db user

5) select OBSCommon and ensure permission public and db_owner are selected.

good luck

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this is due to SQL SERVER 2000 restore procedure. Sqlserver does not create the same database users during the restore process. check and correct your user table (compare with original database) and it all will work again.

HTH Lutz Morrien