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DI API 2004 vs. 65

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Hi everybody!

This is my first post in this forum, and I hope it won't be the last

I'm was developing and Add-on for SAP BO 65, but recently we decided to use SDK 2004. The thing is that if I still use the DI API Version 65 in my project there is no fail so far in the B1 2004 client. But if I add to my references the DI API Version 2004 instead for version 65 the object company is unable to connect giving me a generic error "Error while trying to initialize database" message. Im pretty sure that it is a dumb problem, but I'm stuck in this lines. Here is the code:

With myCompany

.UseTrusted = False

.Server = "(local)"

.CompanyDB = "SBODemo_US"

.UserName = "manager"

.Password = "manager"

.language = ln_English

End With


The other question I would like to ask is how recommendable is to use DI API version 65 when I'm developing for BO 2004? I installed the SDK DI API 2004 but I haven't found any chm file regarding DI API 2004 in my computer

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jose,

Using Trusted Connection requires that you Windows user has the necessary authorization to access the database. This will not always be the case at your customers' installations, so you will have to make a connection routine that enables you to enter the dbuser and dbpassword when this is necessary.

With regards to the SDK documentation, this comes with the SDK development version CD. This is the SDK version that you as a partner must acquire to develop add-ons for resale to your customers.

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hi jose,

regarding your first question, well, to avoid problems with the DI API Login i would recommend you to use the SBO Single SignOn login method that makes the SBO handle the DI Connection according to the user login, there is some documentation about it in the DI 6.5 help file.

And regarding your second question, well i suggest you to use the DI 2004, it is absolutely recommendable to align the versions of SBO, the UI and the DI. Am working with the DI 2004 and i didnt find the chm file after the installation, what i did was to un install the product, re install the DI 6.5, copy the chm file to a folder and then re install the DI 2004, its not the updated help file, but it is of some use for now



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Thank you for answer

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Hello Jose,

for your first question, you have the UseTrusted of the myCompany at False. If it's false, you have to add 2 others proprities to cnnect to the server



Just use UseTrusted = True, and it should connect

For the DI2004 help, you may ask the company which sold you BO 2004.