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Development of Print Format for Quotation Comparison Statement

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Can any tell me about what are the transtcion and configuration involeved in developement of

Print format for Quotaiton Comparision.



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Answers (2)

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Not sure what you mean by printing quotation comparison, however the following will enable you to configure output for RFQ and rejection letters:

IMG > Purchasing > Messages > Output Control > Message Types > Define Message Types for Request For Quotation

First maintain message types for RFQ, there should be 3 already in the standard system, ABSA (Quotation Rejection) MAHN (Reminder) NEU (Inquiry). When you create the RFQ initially, NEU will be determined to output the details of the qutation required. To customise the form:

- select line for NEU

- Double click on processing Routines - This will give you a list of the possible output mediums (print, fax etc...), the print programs and print forms available.

- If you want to customise the form, copy existing (MEDRUCK) to a Z object (ZMEDRUCK) in SE71

- make any required changes to ZMEDRUCK using transaction SE71. If you are simply changing layout then changing the form will be enough, if you require additional data on the form, additional programming will be required in the print program (copy SAPFM06P to ZAPFM06P to make changes with SE80). ABAP programming knowledge very useful here or pass to programmer.

- Update customising previously mentioned to use new form/program

- Maintain Condition records in transaction MN01 if you require the output to arrive on the RFQ automatically

The same process can be used for ABSA and MAHN if required. ABSA will only be triggered from Quotation comparison/maintenance if the rejection indicator is checked.

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T-cdoe : NACE

App : EA

check this link