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Detailed Purchase Request Report Not Showing All Rows which are available in that PR

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When I Generate Query for "Detailed Purchase Report" then some Transaction Showing All rows which are available in respective PR but some PR Transaction not Showing all Rows in that PR Transaction. Please Suggest Solution.

My Query is given below:

SELECT T0."DocNum", T0."DocType", T0."DocStatus", T0."DocDate", T0."DocDueDate", T0."ReqName", T0."Department",T1."ItemCode", T1."Dscription",T1."LineNum", T1."Quantity" FROM OPRQ T0 INNER JOIN PRQ1 T1 ON T0."DocEntry" = T1."DocEntry"

Please give me some solution to generate proper PR Report.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Yogesh,

the query seems okay to me. So what are you missing? Textlines?

regards Lothar

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actually when user copy this data in excel then he get proper data after sorting all data.

but when he drill down to transaction from query result he finds number of item in respective PR so he gets confused. actually query result is not in ascending or descending order hence he gets confuse and me too. but after properly check then he gets his required data.


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