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DESADV Idoc Msg: VL 243 Field POSEX empty

Hi, Our customer creates PO in their system and sends us a idoc which creates a Sales order in our sytem. Material in the sales order is a BOM item. Order confirmation idoc has the header item and components but it integrates ok in the customer system.

Issue is with the ASN (DESADV idoc) – DESADV idoc has the header and components in it and when it is send across to the customer it fails with an error. VL 243 Field POSEX empty ( Kind of makes sense b’cos customer does not maintain the details of the components)

Question: How can we stop sending the BOM components and only send header item to our customer? Or Is there some thing we have to do in our customer system to read only the header material and create a IBD? Please help

We also have same problem :(. Please can someone provide some best practices/solutions for this issue 🙂

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Adding more detail explanation of the issue:


IDOC sales process (Customer (SAP) – Vendor (SAP) scenario)

Customer created a PO with a material: A001 (It is a KIT)–> IDOC is sent out and creates a Sales order in the vendor system

A001 Material is a sales BOM in the vendor system ? consists of

A001 (Parent / Top level item)

  • A001A Component
  • A001B Component
  • A001C Component.

Sales BOM is exploded in the sales order and availability is executed and order confirmation (IDOC Message type: ORDRSP) sent to customer. Customer SAP system integrates the IDOC without any errors (ORDERS05 IDOC has parent item and the component in the IDOC segments)

Sales order header has customer PO value and it is copied across to parent (PO number and PO item number) and the components (PO number ONLY)

Sales order is converted into Outbound delivery -> Picked (Components) -> Packed (Components)- > Goods Issued

GI triggers an ASN (DELVRY05) to Customer system… Here the IDOC fails with an

Error: VL 243 Field &1 empty POSEX

When looked into details of the IDOC failure – Error is at the component level( E1EDL24 – E1EDL41 001). It Is looking for the Customer purchaser order item number. Components do not exist in customer system (Only parent item exists)

Order confirmation: Basic IDOC type: ORDERS05, Message Type: ORDRSP

ASN: Basic IDOC type: DELVRY05, Message Type: DESADV

Q: Order confirmation IDOC has Parent and the components in its segment but confirm the Parent item ONLY to the customer which is correct

ASN IDOC has parent and components in its segment but it fails (Program is looking for components in the customer system which don’t exists in customer SAP system)

Can you please a solution or a suggestion to make this process work?

*** Please help**

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Check whether you need to carry out code corrections as recommended in OSS note 1562620

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Thank you for correcting me.

The mentioned OSS is not relevant for my scenario and also we are on Support pack 618 ( Note 1562620 is in 605)

Much appreciated