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Hello SAP Gurus

We have validation rules in our system. For depreciation we have assigned Validation code A02 for dep transaction type 500 now during depreciation posting of Capital leased assets, interest is also posted. The issue is that Interest account being a liability a/c is suppose to have L01 code but the transaction is same 500. Now we cannot assign A02 and L01 to same transaction type.

Please suggest what is the solution to cater to this issue.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jimmy,

I would suggest the following solution to you. It was exactly what we did in my organisation to overcome the problem.

1. Create Special Transaction Types (e.g. Z01, Z02, Z03 etc.) for the various interest areas. For instance,

Z01 = Area 02, Imputed interest, negative aquisition

Z02 = Area 20, IAS cap. interest, negative aquisition

Z03 = Area 30, Imputed interest, positive aquisition etc.

Hopefully, this should solve the problem.

In addition, i would suggest you cross-check the setup for Interest in the IMG to ensure that everything is properly set up.

<b>SPRO -> IMG -> Financial Accounting -> Asset Accounting -> Special Valuation -> Interest</b>. Use transaction codes:

1. <b>OABZ</b> - To Determine Depreciation Areas

2. <b>AO98</b> - To Assign Accounts

3. <b>AFAMA</b> - To Maintain Depreciation Keys


4. <b>OAYR</b> - To Determine Period Type/Account Assigment Rules By "Specifying Interval and Posting Rules"

Once all the above have been properly set up, your depreciation run should now be okay.

I hope the above helps.

Do not forget to award the points please.



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