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Depreciation should not get calculated for previous year

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Hi Guys,

Our client is having issue with nearly 100 assets

2019 FI periods are closed all books of accounts are finalized , balance sheet and P&L are also finalized

Now problem is that they did not close asset accounting 2019 fiscal year.

In 2020 they changed depreciation key of few assets, because 2019 was not closed ,depreciation in year 2019 has also been reflected i.e. 12 period planned depreciation is been displayed for few assets and unplanned depreciation is displayed for few assets.

Now system is not allowing to do year end closing for the year 2019

we are getting error that depreciation is not been posted completely.

Now our client require that we should close the asset accounting for the year 2019, without posting even a single value of depreciation in year 2019.

I had tried to check AS02 for add intervals button so that we can easily give the start date of depreciation for new depreciation key but in our system we do not have access to add interval button

We came to know to add the button of add intervals we need to activate EA-FIN functionality but our client did not agree to activate this functionality

Please suggest how can i avoid the depreciation error for year end closing i.e we should not have any values for depreciation in year 2019 let it be planned or unplanned

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Hi Experts, Am also have the same issue now and need your expertise solution. Thanks in advance. Vishwa