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Depreciation report by period by asset class

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Is there an asset report that can show depreciation posted by period and also accumulated depreciation month to date? Would also need forecast depreciation.

All asset reports show the year to date or to a specified end date.

It's needed by asset class.

We could use an asset balance report and work out posted depreciation in Excel

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  S_P99_41000192 Posted depreciation by asset and posting period

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Try the following report from the SAP Easy Access Menu:

Accounting -> Financial Accounting -> Fixed Assets -> Information System -> Reports on Asset Accounting -> Depreciation forecasting -> S_ALR_87012936 - Depreciation on Capitalized Assets (Depreciation Simulation)

Be sure to change the Evaluation period from yearly to monthly. Also, you will have to add the monthly balances columns to the report after it has finished running. Do this by pressing <i>Current Layout</i> button or press Ctrl+F8 after the report is finished, and add the appropriate columns to Line 2 of the report (i.e. Depr. 01/2007, Depr. 02/2007, ..., Depr. 12/2007).

You should save your report layout once you have it like you want it. Do this by pressing the <i>Save Layout</i> button or press Ctrl+F12.



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Thanks for your reply. I didn't realise that you could select by month for report S_ALR_87012936.



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We want to calculate depreciation simulation only for capital value and not for expense value. As we are using budget catogery in Investment Management Program.

For Example:

IM program Z001 (With Budget Category)

IM stucture has been created.

IM Planning done with Budget category (01-Capital, 02-Expense)

i.e., 10000 for Cpital and 2000 for Expense for same IM postion ID.

Now I will do the depreciation simulation for the end node of the Investment program stucture, where it should calculate only on capital value ie 10000.

But I found that system is calculating on total ie capital+Expense ie 12000.

Please send the reply at you earliest.

Tahnks And Regards

Anant Malvankar

FICO Consultant


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Thanks so much!