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Depreciation Posting

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We're going to retire all our asset and reload it again with the new cost, depreciated amount and useful life.

The ff our the steps we're going to do:

1. Create asset masterdata via AS01 w/ depreciation start date May 2007 and new useful life.

2. Post new asset cost on Nov 2007 and accumululated depreciation (from May 2007 to Nov 2007) and with asset value date Nov 2007 via AB01.

The system calculates the November depreciation based on net book value over the remaining useful life. And since the system did not calculate yet expired life for the year; the system based the calculation still in the original usefule life. See sample below

Asset Acq. Cost : $480,000

Useful life : 5 years

Depreciation start date : May 2007

Accumulated depr. (period 5-10) : $48,000

November depreciation : ($432,000 % 60 months) = $7,200

Should be depreciation:

Asset Acq. Cost $480,000

Less: accum depreciation 48,000

Net Book value $432,000

Divide ove remaining life (in months) 54

November depreciation $8,000

Is there any configuration to set-up the calculation of expired life as of the current year, meaning not on the last depreciated year?

Any help will be highly appreicated.

Thanks and Regards,

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Answers (1)

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Check your depreciation key base method, you must have <b>Ordinary: percentage from useful life</b>. Once you upload the cost and mention the period closed in the date options> <b>Specify Last Period Posted in Prv.System (Transf.During FY)</b>system will determine the expired useful life.

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Thanks for your reply.

What date options should I need to indicate in the > Specify Last Period Posted in Prv.System (Transf.During FY)system?

Thanks and Regards