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Depreciation on revalued assets for following years

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Dear Experts,

We have an unique requirement in Asset module. Example one asset acquired with Rs 500000 in year 2016 with useful life of 10 years. There is reevaluation requirement of asset for Rs.100000 APC and 10000 for depreciation. Client has posted the revaluation amount in ABAW transaction with Rs. 100000 APC and Rs. 10000 for depreciation. Now in the year 2016 we can know how much is the reevaluated depreciation that is Rs.10000. Now client want to know the depreciation calculated on only revaluation amount (Rs.100000) for the following  years till the useful life. But in system it will not show separately for following years as it will add up to the normal depreciation only.

Now I want to know, is there any way through configuration or report we can show the depreciation for acquisition and revaluation amounts separately for following years up to useful life. Client need this because, they will transfer this reevaluated depreciation amount yearly to capital reserve account. Note that revaluation will be one time only, but depreciation amount should be seen desperately for following years.

I have searched forum but not found suitable solution. Please advice.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Rajesh,

Please refer below thread, it is similar to your issue.



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