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Depreciation on Gross value in Inter company Asset Transfer

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While using ABT1N for Intercompany asset transfer, Asset is getting transferred to new company code with Gross value and Accumulated depreciation as value adjustment. However, depreciation is being calculated on NBV transferred and not on Gross Value.

We are using Below Transaction type for Intercompany Asset Transfer.

old asset (Useful life 5 years)

New Asset (After 3 month transfer to new asset. 3 month depreciation in value adjustment.)

Depreciation in old asset was 100 per month. In new asset it became 95 per month.

(6000-300)/60 -> Asset not considering expired useful life. It should do either way.

1) 6000/60 = 100 depreciation per month

2) (6000-300)/(60-3) = 100 depreciation per month

Is there any way to get same depreciation value in new asset in new company?

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Depreciation parameters.

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Answers (2)

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I am facing the same issue. Did you get any resolution to this ?

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Hi Deepan,

Yes, I made below configuration to resolve this issue.

Step1: We created below Z transactions for intercompany Transfer.

Z35/Z36/Z37/Z38- copying transaction type 350/360/370/380

Step2: Define new posting schema (this is done because if we use standard schema, the Accounts maintained for affiliate company transfer in AO90 are not being used for transaction type 350/360/370/380. We had to create new transaction type and posting Schema)


Copy standard Schema “SAP_300_001” and create new schema

Add Line item 3 as below in seq 90 and 100

KTVBAB - Clear.revenue sale to

KTVZU - Acquisition from affiliated company

Step3: Assign the new posting schemas to Transaction Types

SM34: VC_T093h01

Click on Maintain

Select the relevant country and click on assignment line items

Step4: Z Transfer variant for intercompany transfer and below are the transaction types used for that.

After doing these all configuration, in Inter company transfer also, APC and depreciation will transfer as gross to the receiver company and depreciation will continue with same amount as in transferer company.

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Hi Sanjay, please post depreciation parameters of each asset as well.

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I have added. Thanks