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depreciation key

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Depreciation key is changed after closing fiscal year. So, depreciation key should affect for only future depreciation whereas in our case it is affecting depreciation of previous year also. Kindly help if possible.



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The problem which

we are facing is, we had carried out fiscal year change for the company code in asset accounting. After closing the fiscal year, according to business norms they have to change the depreciation key for the current fiscal year. The depreciation key change should not affect the posted values or net book value of the asset. But when we had changed the depreication key in the asset master, system is showing planned depreciation for the closed fiscal year and reducing the book value of the asset at fiscal year start to that respective amount. This is not matching the business requirement.

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There are two scenarios while changing dep key ie Rectrospective and Prospective depreciation methods. So Rectrospective means if you change the key the system recalculate the dep from the start date of the asset, where as in prospective method it starts from the current period onwards. It wont calculate previous periods.