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Depreciation Key - straight line for the next upcoming 33 months

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Dear All,

I need to adapt the depreciation of around 200 assets as follows:

a) regardless of the expired useful life these 200 assets should be deperciated over the next 33 months.

    EXAMPLE: UseLife = 10 ; Exp. UseLife = 9 ==> regardless of the current useful life of just one year, the asset shoud be depreciated of the upcoming next 33 monts = 2 years and 9 months

b) These 200 assets should be depreciated over the 33 months with " straight line over remaining useful life"

c) This adapted depreciation should start from October 2015. The month before october should be not recalculated.

What is the best Approach to ensure this requirement?

1) create new asset with depeciation key "straight line over remaining useful life" ... and transfer current assets to the new assets?


2) adapt the useful life of These 200 Assets and assign a new depreciation key which ensure above requirements.

    ---> but how to ensure that the new depreciation key is just valid from October 2015 without recalculationg the already closed periods of the current year?

Kind regards


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the SMOOTHING is not the solution for my case, as it would mean that the correction posting would not be posted in in October, but over the remaining months of the current year.

The correction posting issue I have resolved withe the "Business Function"  FA_FIN.

However I have still the issue with the depreciation key. I Need a depreciation key which takes the October 2015 remaing value of an asset. This remaining value should be devided through 33 months and posted straight line over the next 33 months.

Kind regards