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Depreciation adjustment for capitalized assets on actual basis, S/4HANA

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My customer has asked the below 2 questions:

Product Area: SAP S/4HANA Cloud > Finance

1. We need depreciation adjustment for capitalized assets on an actual basis and not by Straight Line Mid Month Depreciation.

The depreciation in our company iscalculatedbased on a 15 day basis. According to the auditor, we must have the depreciated on actual basis.

The auditor found that our depreciation method is done incorrectly and it must corrected. How can they change it?

2.The finance department were surprised that when a supplier in the "Manage Supplier Master Data" app is created, there is no field for the TAX code/number.

Is this a change request, or may the customer do it?

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For the first question, if you want to recalculate the depreciation, you can choose the template "Recalculate Depreciation
" via APP Schedule Asset Accounting Jobs. This template is used "when there is a change to the value, depreciation method, or life of an asset changes".
And for the depreciation method, please check the below link:

For the second question, please check the attachment. If you looking for maintenance in the supplier master data, you could refer to it.