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Deposit code for bottle or container

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I am working on retrieving deposit code of bottle or container based on condition A803-KSCHL = 'ZBOT' or A803-KSCHL = 'ZCON'. I only have the condition, and the Deposit code is not in table A803, I don't know which MM table contains Deposit code, or this question does not even make sense.

Really appreciate your input.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Table A803 belongs to ICM

Here is a blog that explains what ICM is:

I have no idea how it is used  in relation to MM.

Field P_CTRT_XL has a Agreement Number Including Contract Type Indicator

using that info you can probably select some data from the contract

best you ask somebody in your company who knows about the usage. He should then be able to show you how such contract looks like and if there is any information about the data you are looking for.

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Hi Jurgen,

Thanks for your your post,  I will take a look at SAP ICM from your link.

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