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Dependency Assignment in BOM

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Hi Every body...

I need your support, I'm trying to use Dependency Assignment into a BOM for a Variant Material, I know how to use this but with a Configurable Material, but, I want use this functionality for some Variants of Material.

I have already my configuration profiles to my Configurable Material, as well I've already the assignment of this Configurable Material to my Variant Material, but.. when I try to insert the Dependency Assignment in the BOM of my Variant, I can get this works.

Any body please, can help me??

This is very important to me.

Thanks in advance

Omar Perea

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Answers (2)

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Hello Friend,

Are you using a super BOM concept, if you want to use for Variants then you have to go to cs02 select Extras --> Object Dependencies --> Editor in you should select the "select condition"

and write the dependency

or double click on OD column next to the line item it will take you to dependency.

and if it is for configurable material then you have to go for CU01 depending on the selection you write dependency there.



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All variants which you maintained should be assigned to the configurable material. In CS01, First you select line item 0010, click on Extras --> Object Dependencies --> Editor, then select Selection condition, then it goes for edit dependency. In this Edit dependency 00010, You can maintain $Self.Characteristics='Char values', then save & back.

Again select item 0010, click on Extras --> Object Dependencies --> Assignment, in the output screen system will assign automatic numeric no. In case if youo want to assign maunally, you can delete the numeric no and then you can enter manually your own.

Another method: You can use the transaction code CU01 (Maintain dependency), you can create object depenedency assignement and editor in this transaction code also.

please let me know any clarification.