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dear all,

I am using varient DEMAND01 with time dependent standard price to calculate demand charge. in the price I have mentioned time category month and time basis 12. But I am not getting correct amount in the billing document.

For eg. If will give the demand is 200 and demand charge 150, I am getting the amount 2383.56, instead of 30000.

What will be the reason?. Can any one help me to solve this?

with regards,


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Please check your period control in the schema.

Period control defination has to have following parameters,

Period control = 03 X 02 02 02 01


Period Procedure = 03 (ie Monthly time portions dependent on an interval)

Leap days = X (active)

The following parameter will be as per your requirement,

Move-in (here 02)

Move out (here 02)

Change (here 02)

Days of time slice apply to standard month (30 days) : 01

I hope this will solve your problem

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Dear Shah Smita Nitin,

Thank you very much for your reply. Now I am getting correct amount for demand charge amount.

With regards,


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hi smita

should we have to maitain te EI and CatEIP too for that...vat r they for in the maintaining the periodic control..

thanks and regards