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Delivery - WMTA - 641 /643 picking consignment material

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  • Internal replenishment delivery created (movement type 641 or 643)
  • Consignment material
  • WM is activated for the picking storage location (picking via WM transfer order)

Since the stock determination is not possible for 641 / 643 movement type (SAP oss notes 13006 / 362032 / 1619355) the transfer order for the delivery is not beeing automatically created (output WMTA) due to the fact that there is only consignmnet stock available.

The process is that the user manuall posts the stock from consignmnet to own (IM and WM) such that the transfer order will be created. The picking process is generally paper-driven such that the user should (always) receive a paper-print out as a trigger.


How can the user be informed (via a print-out) that there is a delivery (641 / 643 movement type) with consignment material since the transfer order (pick list paper print out) is not yet created? For instance IM-EK00 canot be activated in combination with WM.


Thank you in advance!

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Answers (1)

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You need to create output for generating output delivery note for consignment material.This output should go via pdf format to warehouse team (Create Group User email Id ) ,so that the spool request get converted as pdf format and it will go their outlook or get printout .

Once they moved stock then back ground it should trigger a batchjob to trigger delivery output for pick list.If move the stock 411k find some user exit or include to trigger background job for generating output.