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Delivery without PGI

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Is creating outbound delivery without pgi possible in sap b1?



In SAP Business One, creating an outbound delivery without performing a Post Goods Issue (PGI) is not a standard functionality. In SAP Business One, the outbound delivery process typically involves creating a delivery document followed by a PGI to confirm that the goods have physically left the warehouse.

However, you might be able to achieve a similar outcome through customization or development using the SAP Business One Software Development Kit (SDK) if your business process requires such functionality. Customization would involve writing custom code to bypass the PGI step, but this would need to be carefully implemented to ensure that it aligns with your business requirements and does not compromise inventory accuracy or other processes.


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But still we will do the PGI the following day.  We just need to print the DR form to deliver the item with its system assigned DR number.  This is because the encoding of of stocks is just after the delivery is done... Possible?



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